LIVE and Live-streaming

I have an actual FULL BAND show (well actually two) in Morrisburg about an hour outside Ottawa on Saturday November 28. This will be my one and only 2020 full band show since March that actual people can attend. 

The folks at Harmony Concerts do an amazing job making sure all the Covid19 safety protocols are in place. And to ensure physical distancing we're playing at 3:30pm and 7pm so there's lots of space between people in the great big huge warehouse type building at Stone Crop Acres Winery and Vineyard 

Tickets extremely limited and must be purchased in advance:

I've also got a LIVESTREAM on Friday December 4th at 8pm UK Time (3pm EST) over on Streamyard.  The show is being presented by TLR Saltaire (UK).  I was supposed to play TLR in April 2020, and then April 2021, and now pushed out again.  Looking forward to playing THAT room in person when it's once again possible, but for now it'll be ONLINE.

BUY TICKETS (£10.00 | £8.00)