Americana Music Show Best of 2017 list & The LYNNeS in 2018

There's an awful lot of great music that gets released every year.  So quite humbled to have made the Best of 2017 list for the Americana Music Show.  They had this to say about Uneven Ground:

Lynne Hanson's Uneven Ground is barroom blues rock that sounds like it came from a couple of blocks off Beale St, from the slightly seedy side of town. The guitars are fuzzy and her voice is electric and you can tell she knows how to work a room when she's on stage. And don't miss the swinging bluesy title track!

You can check out the entire list here

As 2018 approaches getting VERY pumped to launch The LYNNeS project.  You can now purchase advance tickets for all our UK shows ... just hop on over to The LYNNeS website for ALL the details!