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SHORT BIO:   The LYNNeS are Juno award winning songwriter Lynn Miles and award-winning songwriter Lynne Hanson. The two Canadian heartbreak poets are multi-instrumentalists (piano, acoustic, electric guitar, mandolin), fusing tight vocal harmonies with hauntingly gritty lyrics.  Individually they have toured North America and Europe, and their debut album Heartbreak Song For The Radio will be released in 2018.

ALBUM BIO:   Heartbreak Song For The Radio

I took your words 
Stumbled strummed and hummed along 
Hammered till they spelled out 
The world’s saddest broken hearted song 

- Heartbreak Song For The Radio – The LYNNeS 

The LYNNeS are Canadian heartbreak poets Lynn Miles and Lynne Hanson. The two songwriters are not new to working together, having toured and written songs off and on over the past 10 years, and with Miles having produced two of Hanson's albums (River of Sand, 2014 and 7 Deadly Spins, 2015). For THE LYNNeS songs are what matter the most, and their debut album “Heartbreak Song For The Radio” pairs hauntingly gritty lyrics with tight vocal harmonies. 

The duo adopted an old school approach to recording their album, choosing to record to tape and recording all the bed tracks and many of the vocal and acoustic guitar parts live off the floor. Tracks like “Don't Look Down” and “Dark Waltz” showcase the unmistakable touch of Juno-award winning guitarist Kevin Breit (Nora Jones, KD Lang, Rosanne Cash). The infectious “Recipe for Disaster” highlights the songwriting duo's knack to craft a catchy melody and memorable lyrics, while the radio-friendly title track “Heartbreak For The Radio” begs for the listener to hit repeat. The athletic groove of the funky “Halfway To Happy” is a brilliant counterweight to the airy “Blue Tattoo,” which would not be out of place on a Fleetwood Mac album. 

Each song on the album is a co-write, producing a truly collaborative effort, drawing on the strengths two Lynn(e), to create a sum greater than two individual parts. 

I'm tired of falling for cowboys in the dark 
I'm tired of giving away my heart 
Of walking a line that's always shifting 
Being the hero and doing all the heavy lifting 

- Heavy Lifting – The LYNNeS 

The two witty songwriters play off each other live, often leaving the audience howling with laughter with their between-song-banter. Miles has a slight edge in the humour department. Not surprising given Hanson’s burden of a lifetime of carrying the weight of a superfluous E. In addition to their beautiful harmonies, the two are skilled multi-instrumental musicians (acoustic and electric guitars, piano, harmonica, mandolin, percussion). 

Lynn Miles is one of Canada’s most accomplished singer/songwriters, with fourteen albums to her credit, the winner of four Canadian Folk Music awards (including 2011 English Songwriter of the Year), and a 2003 Juno Award for Roots and Traditional Solo Album of the Year. Her song “Black Flowers” appeared on Claire Lynch’s Grammy nominated album “North By South.” “Lynn Miles makes being forlorn feel like a state of grace” - John Pareles, NY Times 

Lynne Hanson has been playing her brand of “porch music with a little red dirt” for the past 10 years, has released 6 albums, won the Colleen Peterson Award for songwriting, and been nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award. “Lynne seems headed for that record territory inhabited by seasoned songwriters such as Nancy Griffith, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Mary Gauthier and Lucinda Williams” - Barry Hammond, Penguin Eggs

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photo credit:  Jason Vaughan

photo credit: Jason Vaughan

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photo credit: Brittany Gawley

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The LYNNeS logo - design Ron Wittle


"[the album] has the kind of spacious, rolling thunder restlessness Bob Dylan attained with Daniel Lanois all those years ago. It’s that good."  5 stars - Jeff Monk | Winnipeg Free Press 

"Individually, both Lynnes are formidable forces in contemporary country, together they just might be unstoppable." - Mike Davies | (UK)

"An embarrassment of airplay riches dwell within one of this young year’s earliest “Best Of” contenders". - 5 stars - Duane Verh | Roots Music Report

"With clever lyrics, superb harmonies and high quality backing musicians, this debut album is an absolute joy from first track to last" - Rory Stanbridge | FATEA Magazine (UK) 

“The songs have a commercial edge, the vocals hit the target, sweet harmonies, very entertaining – enjoy.” - 4½ stars | Paul Riley | Country Music People

"The LYNNeS are ones to watch - Pete Whalley | Get Ready to ROCK! (UK) 

"Heartbreak Song for the Radio is stellar ... Beautiful stuff, this. Seek it." - Donald Teplyske | Fervor Coulee

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