Canadian singer-songwriter | haiku writer | known to travel with guitar playing porch music with a little red dirt
the little E in a NEW project called The LYNNeS (Lynne Hanson & Lynn Miles)

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Upcoming Shows

Date Event Location
Cowhide House Concert Schwalbach am Taunus, DE Schwalbach am Taunus, DE
house concert Biedenkopf, DE Biedenkopf, DE
Erbse Dillenburg, DE Dillenburg, DE
Kofferfabrik Fürth, DE Fürth, DE
McMüller's  Linnich-Kofferen, DE  Linnich-Kofferen, DE
Het Keizershof Turnhout, BE Turnhout, BE
Cafe t'Keerpunt Spijkerboor, NL Spijkerboor, NL
Jugendzentrum Karo Wesel, DE Wesel, DE
St Barbara Church Lichtentanne, DE Lichtentanne, DE
Art Gallery Frankfurt, DE Frankfurt, DE
Laboratorium Stuttgart, DE Stuttgart, DE
Salle des fêtes d’Obermodern Obermoder-Zutzendorf, FR Obermoder-Zutzendorf, FR
Bar De La Paix Contrexéville, FR Contrexéville, FR
Grateful Fred's Southport, UK Southport, UK
Gallery At Woodend Scarborough, UK Scarborough, UK
Music In The Hall Bewdley, UK Bewdley, UK
The Royal Oak Eccleshall, UK Eccleshall, UK
Thimblehill Library Birmingham, UK Birmingham, UK
Green Note London, UK London, UK
Cosmic American Running Horse, Nottingham, UK Running Horse, Nottingham, UK


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