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Contact Lynne


Booking - North America
Denis Grabill
Black Oak Artists
phone: (937) 216-4397

Booking - Europe (except Germany)
Karen Proeme
Karen Proeme Productions

Booking - Germany
Kerstin Herbst
HER Booking

Booking - United Kingdom  
Mark Kelly
Strada Music

For all other booking, house concert or workshop inquiries please contact:   
EMAIL:  info@lynnehanson.com
TEL: 1-613-878-0177  

Publicity United States:
Krista Mettler
Skye Media
EMAIL:  krista.mettler@skyemediaonline.com

Publicity UK:
Evans Above PR

Publisher, Sync and Licensing: 
Steam Music
Andrew Campbell

Record Label
Panda Cave Records
Ottawa, Canada
EMAIL:  info@lynnehanson.com
TEL: 1-613-878-0177