It's All About The Stretching

We are now officially 21 days into our Indigogo Crowdfunding Campaign and we have REACHED our initial goal to fund the making of the album !!!

So we will be putting shovel to dirt and actually starting to record in just a few more weeks!! We are SO excited to start this project. I keep wanting to add more and more exclamation marks 

This also means we are now working on our first STRETCH goal to cover the cost of pressing vinyl. I've pressed vinyl for my last two records - three if you include The LYNNeS "Heartbreak Song For The Radio." I love vinyl, from the way the artwork is front and centre, right down the fact you have to get up to turn the record over to hear the other side. Well, unless you have some fancy automated turntable. It's all people powered at my house 

The Indigogo campaign will run until September 10 when I’ll drop my first single since releasing “Just Words” in February 2020. A reminder that EVERYONE who backs the Indigogo campaign will get a digital copy of “Hold My Breath.” 

So if you’d like be part of my Panda Crew click the logo below:

And even if you’re not in a position to help out financially, it REALLY helps if you can share the campaign to get the word out about our project! 

More update from the Panda Cave soon!!